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The ABCs of Braking System Maintenance

Braking system maintenance is a preventative measure that will help you avoid problems of uneven wear, premature wear of parts, corrosion of hydraulic parts and also fluid leakage problems.

Here are the best practices to adopt to optimize the performance of your braking system.

A good maintenance frequency for optimum safety
A good habit to adopt is to have your brakes checked twice a year with each tire change. That way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone at a single visit to your Certified Auto Repair.

Properly maintaining and lubricating your brakes each spring and each fall will allow for better performance and will preserve your pads and hooves longer. It is good to have them disassembled and lubricated in order to prevent rust and ensure optimal operation.

As for the brake fluids, our experts will make sure to check their levels and that everything is standard. In general, we suggest replacing the fluids every two years or every 50,000 km.

Parts of the braking system are often used in very difficult conditions, especially during the winter because of the large amount of calcium and salt on the road.

In an emergency situation, a well-maintained braking system will give you a firmer pedal and a much tougher handbrake.

In addition to increased safety, regular maintenance increases the durability of the brakes, which will save you money by avoiding premature replacement.

Do you feel vibrations or did you notice a change of pressure when pressing the brake pedal?


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